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Recovery Premium Grant

The recovery premium grant is additional funding that the Government has made available to support pupils whose education has been impacted by coronavirus (COVID-19).

The funds are allocated to all schools on a ‘per pupil basis’ for all pupils in Reception through to year 11.  

Schools are free to spend the Coronavirus catch-up premium as appropriate based on the particular needs and the professional judgement of teachers and school leaders. However, schools are accountable for how they use the additional funding and are expected to evaluate and monitor the impact of different approaches.  (see DfE Guidance )

Main barriers to educational achievement faced by eligible pupils

The main barrier to educational achievement for all of the children at Walton Leigh is their severe and complex learning difficulties. 

Amount received

For the 2023-2024 academic year, Walton Leigh was allocated £33,672.   

Summary of planned provision 2022-23

Two days of Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) input - £16,452

We have observed through our work with students and their families that many of them, because of their SEND and individual circumstances have significant emotional issues, stress, anxiety and poor mental health. This often creates significant barriers to engagement, learning and positive wellbeing. The training and deployment of additional ELSA support will enable us to help more of our students to improve their emotional wellbeing, engage and learn.

Additional targeted Home School Link Worker hours - £5,000

Families of children with SEND are disproportionately disadvantaged by having extra pressures.  This can impact on their ability to engage with their child's education and access to community support. Our HSLW support parents and carers with early help, signposting to external agencies and helping with community engagement.

Social Club once a month - £4,027

Social club once a month to support development of social skills with peers, give students social opportunities outside of school to support their self-esteem, confidence  and independence.  We have observed that in general and since COVID many of our pupils have restricted social opportunities.  Very often, this negatively affects their social skill development, independence, confidence, self-esteem and emotional health.  By offering a monthly after-school social club, we will support students to develop friendships, socialise outside of school with these friends and promote their social and emotional development.

Professional Development - £3,762

Professional development is essential provide high quality teaching in specific SEN strategies and to support teachers undertaking NPQs.  Additional time for teachers will be made available, which mean additional teaching assistants to support in the classroom.

Teachers of pupils with extremely complex needs and severe learning difficulties require training in specific strategies needed to support the engagement and learning of our pupils.  These strategies will support pupils to make progress in all four key areas which are at the centre of our curriculum, particularly in SEMH due to COVID related issues.  Teachers undertaking NPQs will require supply cover. Their qualification will have a positive impact on the school and quality of teaching and learning.

Music Therapy - £4,431

Many of our pupils have sensory needs which impacts on their auditory processing and other sensory-motor, perceptual/ motor, gross and fine motor skills.  All of these can be enhanced through music therapy and support the students to develop communication and physical skills.  Music Therapy also had a highly positive impact on our students’ emotional wellbeing and self-regulatory skills.   

How we’ll measure the impact of Coronavirus catch-up premium

We use a range of approaches to collect, collate and analyse data on pupil progress, both for ILP and more academic progress.  We will also use existing self-evaluation systems to measuring the impact of catch-up premium on the quality of teaching, assessment and curriculum through the School development Plan and SEFs. 

How Coronavirus catch-up premium was used 2022-23

Amount allocated for the 2022-2023 academic year - £33,120

Additional teaching assistant hours - £23,620

High quality teaching - A teaching assistant will be employed full time to enable senior leaders, middle leaders and teaching staff to be released for additional curriculum and assessment development time focused on developing high quality teaching and a curriculum which responds to the specific needs of our pupils.

There will also be additional time made available for staff to focus on professional development support in key development areas such as phonics and supporting a small number of individual pupils social, emotional and behavioural needs though individualised pastoral support

Autism Specialist support - £9,500

We will employ an autism specialist one day a week to provide professional development support in meeting the needs of our pupils with autism.  This will support the development of staff skills in ‘non-negotiables’ such as communication, emotional and sensory regulation and transitions.   

We have completed some case studies which demonstrate the impact of the Recovery Premium funding for a cross section of pupils. (click here to see impact summary)