GSO Test

GSO Test


Our most recent student progress report can be viewed here:

Data Assessment Review 2023-2024

As we currently disapply our students from National Curriculum Assessments and our Key Stage 4 students follow ASDAN Personal Progress, there is no data on interim assessments or GCSEs on the DfE website.  However there is other information about the school held on the DfE site and you may also view this information clicking here.  

Walton Leigh school uses ILP target data as our main form of assessment. Each student is set targets in four areas:

  • Communication, Language and Literacy
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Cognition
  • Physical and Sensory

These targets are set twice a year by teachers, reviewed by school leadership, then agreed by parents during parent consultations in the autumn and spring. The targets are then evaluated twice a year and allocated a completion score between 0 and 3 stars

  • 0 stars meaning no progress or very little progress
  • 1 star meaning some progress, but not consistently half way to the target
  • 2 stars meaning good progress, either more than half, but not the complete target has been achieved, or the target has been achieved, but not consistently
  • 3 stars meaning the target has been consistently achieved

All students are taught three core subjects: English , Maths and PSHE and progress is recorded within our bespoke 'W' Levels. These subjects provide students with the essential skills and knowledge required to access the wider curriculum and prepare them for the next stages in their education and life.

This progress is then reviewed by school leadership, who create  data reports at mid and end of year, which includes any trends and highlights any suggested interventions.