GSO Test

GSO Test

Meet the Therapists 

Here is some information on the therapy teams that visit the students at Walton Leigh.  Please feel free to contact the teams by phoning into school or sending a message via the home-school book. 

Speech and Language Therapy (SLT)


Jo Wadey       Yaksha Makan         Carley Aristide

Jo Wadey is our team lead while Kate Bramley is away on maternity leave and is supported by Yaksha Makan (SLT) and Carley Aristide (SLT assistant). You can contact the team sending a message via your child’s home-school book or teacher, or by phoning or emailing. 

If your child is in Horsley, Kew, Claremont, Polesden or Sandown, or you want to discuss swallowing concerns for any child in the school then please contact Jo (

If your child is in Wisley, Richmond, Painshill, Runnymede, Hampton or Clandon, then please contact Yaksha (


The team work closely with the class teams to embed communication strategies in all lessons and ensuring that all students can communicate to the best of their abilities in social activities. We want to ensure each student has an effective way of communicating and they have reasons and opportunities to communicate. This will happen through the team spending time in classes supporting the staff and students, offering training, working with the school senior leadership team and problem solving as needs arise. We are guided by the children’s EHCPs but we are very much needs led and offer support tailored to the student’s current needs.



Occupational Therapy (OT)


Mary Hogan

The OT service can support specialist educational settings to develop a ‘whole school’ approach to delivering occupational therapy. This involves the OT team working with the educational setting to facilitate incorporation of OT strategies, advice and activities as part of whole school and whole class practise. This enables the whole school population to access OT to enhance participation in daily activities as part of their daily routines.

We provide universal support which can be accessed through training, workshops and link sessions arranged through meetings with the Therapists when they visit the school and through joint working as part of the school routine to share practices and approaches.

In addition, the website; has resources to support school and parents.

If parents have any queries regarding OT please discuss these with your class teacher.




Tina Coombes         Saadia Anwar


Tina and Saadia are in school one day each week.  An assessment is completed to inform the setting of goals and provision of a physiotherapy programme. The physiotherapy team provide training, guidance and support to staff at the school in regards to therapeutic handling and use of equipment as well implementation of therapy programmes that are incorporated into the school day.

Both the Millbrook Wheelchair Service and Roehampton Wheelchair Service hold clinics out of school. Orthotics takes place at White Lodge.  These clinics can be booked by parents directly.

Further information on our service and resources to support school and parents can be found on our website;