GSO Test

GSO Test

Video Resources

Our staff have created some videos below for your use whilst your children are not in school.  Also, have a look at our Home Working page for other activities which you may find useful. 


Intensive Interaction  Instruction Video

Intensive Interaction: "So... what is Intensive Interaction?" Interview with Dave Hewett

Sam - 'The Intensive Interaction Handbook'

Autism - how does Intensive Interaction help people with ASD?

Intensive Interaction: Sasha & Riana 1

Intensive Interaction: Sasha & Riana 2 

Intensive Interaction: Sasha & Riana 3 

Intensive Interaction: Jennifer & Lana 

Further Intensive Interaction resources can be found on our Home Working Page

PODD        Please read me first

PODD at home   

PODD in class, playing on the bus 1   PODD in class, playing on the bus 2

PODD Page opening book demonstration and practise 

Two page opening book demonstration and practise:

Part 1  Part 2



Are You Ready     Goldilocks     Green Frog If you're happy and you know it    Guitar singing session part 1

Guitar singing session part 2 



 Relaxation story 1   Relaxation story 2    Yoga


Blue Class

Hello song   Peace at Last story    Attention Bucket

Handy Pac Instructions   Handy Pac Pt1   Handy Pac Pt2  

Green Class

Good morning song     Foam play     Shaking hands

Playground Gym Equipment    Playground part 1   Playground part 2      Pete the Cat story Pt1    Pete the Cat story Pt2

Green Class Story


Red Class

Red Class story    Number Rhyme


Orange Class

Shake out Warm Up    Attention Bucket


White Class

Sensory story Pt1   Sensory story Pt2


Purple Class

Sensory wake up     Mr Yes     Mr No Attention bucket    PODD & choosing Pt1    PODD & choosing Pt2

Weather song   Hello assembly song  Kitchen Disco Pt1   Kitchen Disco Pt2


Pink Class

Communication song   Sensory gloves song


Rainbow 1 Class

 Bag song   Music song    Finished song - slow  Finished slow - quick   We'll hold you in our hearts  We'll hold you in our hearts lyrics 


Rainbow 2 Class

Good morning song   Good afternoon song    Warm up time  Tidy up song  Colour volcanoes 1   Colour volcanoes 2